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Competition is only good if it doesn’t harm your restaurant business, says Arpan Gupta

Like other great success stories, after graduating together in Singapore, two friends Ajit Singh and Arpan Gupta started their business with a sense of ambition, an understanding of hospitality industry culture and the need for something interesting thing to do on a Friday night. . Ajit and Arpan entered the restaurant space with Cheenos in […]

Restaurant business

How the partnership will benefit your catering business

Opening a restaurant, like any other business, involves effort, sacrifice and risk. A person must have a right to access funds, good social and management skills, in addition to being knowledgeable, creative and passionate about food. It can be overwhelming and can become too much for one person to bear and that’s when considering a […]

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Small Business Guide to a Restaurant Management System

A restaurant management system (RMS) is an essential tool for any new restaurant. These systems are designed to keep your restaurant running by tracking employees, inventory, and sales. A typical RMS setup typically includes both software and hardware, such as a cash register, barcode scanner, and receipt printer, depending on your restaurant setup. Most importantly, […]

Restaurant business

How To Grow Your Restaurant Business With Data | modern restaurant management

It’s a simple fact: consumers are not short of options when it comes to choosing a restaurant. For those of us who grow our brand, we’re tasked with cutting through a crowded market to keep customers coming back. As the restaurant industry and marketing landscape has evolved, top-performing brands have learned an important lesson: the […]