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Four Industry Trends to Boost Your Restaurant Business | modern restaurant management

Growing your restaurant business means being ready for a changing market. The demand for catering services is often dictated by the economic health of a region. When households have extra income, they eat out more often, and the National Restaurant Association has found that 2019 is expected to see continued sales growth. However, restaurateurs can […]

Restaurant business

In the restaurant business, it pays to be big and fast

Photo courtesy of Chipotle Mexican Grill Restaurant consumers are increasingly shifting their spending to larger fast food chains, making it tough business for small businesses increasingly pressured to keep up. According to data from catering company sister company Technomic, same-store sales of publicly traded chains in the third quarter averaged 0.8%. It’s usually not good. […]

Restaurant business

How to promote your restaurant

As the restaurant industry becomes increasingly competitive, promoting your small business is more important than ever. Business owners in the hospitality niche are turning away from traditional marketing channels and are beginning to use a range of unique promotional methods. With over 90% of consumers search for restaurants online before choosing a place to eat, […]

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Business Mentor: From Food Server to Restaurant Entrepreneur

When a door closes, a window opens. I believe that as long as we are alive, we have endless chances to start all over again to improve our lives. This is exactly what happened to this very inspiring entrepreneur. Germaine Quitain owns 2 popular stores in San Pablo City, Adobo Mix Plate. They became an […]