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How a restaurant entrepreneur is committed to the mental health of chefs during Covid-19

Pauo Amado Luis Ferraz Paulo amado has been called the father of Portuguese chefs. So it goes without saying that the organizer of long-standing culinary events like Food Week in Lisbon and Porto is interested in the mental health of those who make culinary magic. It was the starting point of his career in the […]

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The restaurant sector needs a new recipe

Despite the Superspreader-in-Chief’s usual latest lies at his contagion campaign events, Covid-19 is rampant – not going anywhere anytime soon. In the real world, cases and hospitalizations are reaching new highs in dozens of states. One in four cases in Wisconsin have recently tested positive. Emergency rooms in some states are turning away patients while […]

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Lightfoot warns of outdoor socializing, but implies indoor bar, food service is safe – Streetsblog Chicago

Infectious disease experts generally agree that it is best to avoid hanging out in indoor public spaces for non-essential purposes during the COVID-19 airborne respiratory pandemic, especially restaurants and bars, where it is impossible for customers to remain masked. This summer, the city of Chicago has done a good job of facilitating safer outdoor dining […]

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Best Restaurant Service 2020 | Stone Soup Cottage | Food drink

When you think about the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry, no part of the business seems more negatively impacted than the food industry. In these delivery and sidewalk times where interactions with restaurants have become almost entirely transactional, the pomp and circumstance of dining on a white tablecloth with adorable waiters seems like […]

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How a small town in Texas subsidizes restaurants

Photo courtesy of Tour Texas The city of Stephenville, Texas hopes to boost restaurant business by sending a $25 gift card to all residential customers of the city’s water utility to be used exclusively at local restaurants. The strategy was used earlier in the pandemic with apparent success. According to city officials, 5,400 cards were […]

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Chains are increasingly taking over catering

Photo courtesy of Domino’s During his company’s third-quarter earnings call this week, Domino CEO Ritch Allison provided an unfortunate dose of reality regarding an important segment of its competitive base: the on-site independent pizza concept. “None of us want to see independent restaurants close due to the pandemic,” he said. “We love to compete and […]

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What Do Marijuana Laws Mean For Your Restaurant Business | modern restaurant management

Although still illegal at the federal level, the use of marijuana is becoming widely legalized at the state level. Some states have legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal use, while others have only legalized it for medical use. Whether for or against these new marijuana laws, restaurant businesses that operate in multiple states need to […]

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Coronavirus Slows Driving Restaurant Service Times, Study Finds | Business

(FOX NEWS) – If your fast food seems a little slower these days, it’s not just your imagination – and the coronavirus pandemic may be to blame. Drive-thru times at 10 of the nation’s top fast food restaurants are up almost 30 seconds on average from a year ago, according to a report by market […]

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MUY grants 18 million dollars to develop its restaurant business in Mexico

Don’t worry, we’re talking about: Spanish (Spanish)too! Contxto – MUY is hungry for growth. The startup closed $15 million nearly a year ago, launched in Mexico, then opened its first contactless restaurant in its native Colombia in early August. And in a recent interview, MUY unveiled plans to distribute US$18 million for operations in Mexico. […]

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Coronavirus slows drive-through restaurant service times, study finds

If your fast food seems a little slower these days, it’s not just your imagination – and the coronavirus pandemic may be to blame. Drive-through times at 10 of the nation’s top fast-food restaurants have increased by an average of nearly 30 seconds from a year ago, according to a report by market research agency […]