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A round of golf brings lifelong friends into the restaurant business (9 photos)

A chance encounter at a game of golf sent a pair of lifelong friends on a new career as restaurateurs. Matti Legault and Kevin Nadeau have owned Matti’s Family restaurant for about four years. An iconic restaurant for Timmins residents and visitors, the restaurant is located at the Esso Truck Stop on the western outskirts […]

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How can I streamline inventory management? | modern restaurant management

This edition of MRM’s “Ask the Expert” features advice from Buyers Edge Platform. Please direct questions to Barbara Castiglia, Editor-in-Chief of Modern Restaurant Management (MRM) magazine, at [email protected] Inventory is one of the most tedious processes in restoration operations. Chefs spend countless hours counting inventory, purchasing new ingredients, and researching more cost-effective substitutions for canceled […]

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air quality in restaurants – an economic and environmental necessity | Modern restaurant management

Improving the air quality in restaurants can have an economic benefit, as customers will once again feel more confident about dining out. In addition, restaurants are under increasing pressure to correct emissions issues and provide a clean and safe environment for customers. Restaurants produce high concentrations of organic aerosols which are then ventilated and released […]

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To Tip or Not to Tip | modern restaurant management

Tipping isn’t going anywhere. A few restaurants have tried a tip-in model, raising menu prices while increasing employee hourly wages and offering benefits. Most backtracked. Even most servers don’t want to remove tips. Before saying if we should tip or when we should tip, we need to understand where the tip comes from. Tipping began […]

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Tips to Protect Your Outdoor Dining Room | modern restaurant management

Providing a safe and enjoyable outdoor dining experience requires careful planning. Here are some tips for eating outdoors to ensure you provide the best possible experience for your customers. How to reduce slips, trips and falls outdoors Your outdoor dining area should have a level walking surface free of loose materials that could contribute to […]

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Liquor Licensing 101 for Recovering Restaurants | modern restaurant management

As restaurants hire new employees, they find it harder to find experienced workers who can also train other team members. A major issue for our clients has been managing regulatory compliance issues such as corporate executive updates, liquor license and permit renewals, and training team members on service protocol. of appropriate alcohol. For most restaurants, […]

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Salary for restaurant and service workers would drop to $ 15 below the mass bill

Some lawmakers want to completely eliminate the lower rate of $ 5.55 for service personnel after a legislative compromise in 2018 retained a separate minimum wage for tip workers in Massachusetts. “We know that less than the minimum wage is certainly not enough. People just cannot live on it,” Pittsfield representative Tricia Farley-Bouvier told GBH […]

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Top Delivery and Takeout Trends | modern restaurant management

Diners are questioning their vacation plans, according to the third installment of BentoBox’s restaurant delivery consumer trends report. The year-long study tracks changes in U.S. consumers’ delivery and takeout habits through the COVID-19 recovery. Sixty-four percent of diners are very or somewhat likely to change their eating habits over the next few months given the […]

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Leveraging IoT Solutions to Protect Profit Margins | modern restaurant management

With profit margins averaging 3-9%, restaurants are continually looking to cut costs. How do restaurateurs find efficiencies to minimize costs without degrading quality or service? The industry has since entered recovery mode, but returning to pre-pandemic levels will not be easy. Consumers have shown interest in returning to restaurants, but it’s a slow march, not […]

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Best Practices for Mask Mandates and Conflicts | modern restaurant management

As new variations spread across the country, some states are once again encouraging mask-wearing. As a business owner trying to keep your restaurant open, you might consider requiring this for your customers. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees with wearing a mask. This can create instant tension in your establishment and conflict between your staff and customers. […]

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Niche Marketing for Restaurants: Finding Your Audience (Infographic) | modern restaurant management

You set yourself up for success by finding the right niche for your restaurant. Whether you’re serving gourmet food at a fine dining establishment or flipping burgers next door to the local university, there will be an audience that best suits your business. By focusing on niche marketing, your restaurant will thrive. What is Niche […]

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Jeffrey Harris, Senior Healthy Fast Food Entrepreneur, and CEO and Co-Founder of Plant Power Fast Food.

Jeffrey Harris, senior healthy fast food entrepreneur, and CEO and co-founder of Plant Power Fast Food, Zoom interviewed for DotCom magazine. DotCom Magazine’s Game Changers Edition DotCom Magazine’s Exclusive Entrepreneur Spotlight Series The PR issue of DotCom magazine The power of Zoom’s interview problem Jeffrey Harris, senior healthy fast food entrepreneur, and CEO and co-founder […]

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How Restaurants Can Avoid Friendly Fraud | modern restaurant management

For the hospitality industry, the last 18 months have been very difficult. Walk down any street, in town or downtown, and there are still many “closed” signs on the front of restaurants and other service businesses. Many small business owners have added online storefronts and delivery services to help sustain their business despite in-store customers […]

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Control What You Can: Risk Reduction and Restoration Technology | modern restaurant management

Controlling variables in the restaurant industry can feel like a mole game if you don’t have the right tools at hand. Especially at a time when the industry is in flux due to the pandemic, it can seem harder than ever to juggle things like food cost, maintaining full shifts, and food safety. Fortunately, controlling […]

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Using technology to fight the labor shortage | modern restaurant management

Every industry has felt the impact of labor shortages during the pandemic and now, as recovery efforts are underway, companies are struggling to recoup their employees quickly enough to meet the rising demand. request. Particularly affected by the shortage of staff, restaurants are struggling to overcome the employment crisis, with staff shortages felt in both […]

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Seven Appealing Tips for Restaurant Marketing | modern restaurant management

Whether you’re marketing a restaurant chain or just trying to increase the visibility of your own local family restaurant, here are seven professional restaurant marketing tips that will give your food service establishment a much-needed boost. . Accurate representation of brand personality Branding is everything, and that’s true in every field. You might not think […]

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How Crypto Ecosystems Solve Financial Constraints in the Restaurant Industry

Catering is one of the most coveted niches, given the opportunity to become your boss and create jobs for others. This booming industry is the bread and butter of most families in the United States, with more than 9.9 million people employed in various restaurants, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, National […]

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How To Improve Your Restaurant’s Inventory Management Strategy | modern restaurant management

Inventory control of a restaurant kitchen is key to good restaurant management and can help avoid wasting food and space. When it comes to your livelihood, any gap in inventory is more than just an inconvenience – it could hurt your ability to make a profit. Food waste and inefficiency are two of the biggest […]