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The owners of House of JuJu are not newcomers to the restaurant business | Top Stories

Scott and Julie Glenn, owners of the new House of JuJu-Orofino, are no newcomers to restaurants. Julie shared, “We have four restaurants in California, but we wanted to find a place outside of California after everything that happened in 2020. Need I say more?”

“Our restaurant in California took a stand against our governor and remained open in July. We did our research and realized that we shouldn’t impose any of these regulations on anyone, so we gave up our beer and wine license so the state wouldn’t have any authority over us. We gave it up without being forced to.

“The town council in our little town of Clovis has been phenomenal and very supportive. Unfortunately, we have a truly awful governor. Because of this in August we decided to do a two week tour of Idaho knowing that the first thing they opened was churches and that was telling us a lot plus no one was pulling guns out fire or forcing tyrannical style things. leadership.”

“We have family in Idaho, in Hayden, and friends in Meridian, so we did a two-week tour. We saw that Orofino was one of the lower elevations we liked.

“When we pulled up with our RV and parked in the RV park, of course we fell in love with the Clearwater River. When we walked into town, we found it looked a lot like our little town of Clovis where we have three of our businesses. There’s a House of JuJu and there’s Papa’s Place and then a little cafe we ​​made for our daughter called On the Edge which is a beautiful little cafe right in the heart of Clovis.”

“We have our fourth California restaurant, in Moro Bay, California, and now we have our new House of JuJu-Orofino in Idaho.”

“Clovis is a small California town of about 125,000 people, which may not seem small when you consider the size of Orofino, but it still has that small town, especially in Old Town. It’s starting to move a little but it has very traditional values. We both grew up in Clovis so it really is our hometown.

“But, we fell in love with Orofino. I said I would never live where there is snow, but the annual average here is 21 inches. We surpassed that this year!

“Although we fell in love with Orofino, we had no intention of opening a restaurant here. But we saw so much charm and potential here and the people we came in contact with were truly amazing and friendly.

“In January 2021, we felt like things were going to get worse around the world and in California in particular and we thought we had to buy land in a place where we feel like we still live in the United States of America. America, and it would be a place of retreat.

“We found a property off Cascade and met our neighbors who were just salt of the earth. Our real estate agent also helped us understand the area,”

“This restaurant in Orofino just arrived,”

“The real estate agent we worked with to buy our place started looking at our Facebook and saw our restaurants. It was after that that she said, ‘You have to open a restaurant here.’ »

“Then she told us about a building she knew about. The owners of the building actually contacted us. They wanted to meet with us to see if we would be nice people to buy their building.

“At the same time, Taylor Davidson, our son, wanted to start a restaurant in Texas because, just before Covid, we had wanted to start in other places.”

“When this building appeared, I showed him pictures of it and the area. He and his wife, Jackie, came to check it out. They fell in love with the area and moved here with their two children. .

“We were all going on faith and it was a wild ride. With four other restaurants, we go back and forth a lot, but I tell people I can’t wait for this to be my first home instead of my second. We absolutely love this community. It’s such a blessing to us and our family and Justin Wilson, our chef and kitchen manager also came to live here,”

“My other son, Justin Glenn, is our original business partner, and he invented all the recipes. It was his brain child.

“He used to coach Justin Wilson in high school. When he was 16, we hired him and here he is, 21, running his own kitchen in Orofino, Idaho. We are really proud of him. He and Taylor have put in a lot of time and sacrifice to make this project work.

The House of JuJu-Orofino opened its doors on January 24, 2022. Their mission statement for the company is: “Treat others as you would like to be treated” and the other is: “We want people to feel better when they leave the establishment than when they have walked through the door. Even if they don’t spend a penny, a little kindness can change the world. Our true goal is to serve the community. It’s a service issue.

The Glenns are community driven. When these changes happened, they felt that God had his hand in it all. They could provide jobs in the community. They were able to give work to 20 employees.

Their desire is to serve the community in a way that gives jobs to what they call second chance people, people who have come out of a difficult situation or who may not have received the advice what they needed. That’s really what it’s all about.

As for the name of their business, it started with a little cafe called On the Edge.

Julie explains, “At that time, we were just coming out of the recession and everyone was on the edge of something, whether it was the edge of adversity or the edge of opportunity. So the cafe had to take off or take advantage.

“A year later, the building opened for JuJu’s original home and our son said, ‘Gourmet burgers all the way, mom. He is truly our business partner.

“When this building became vacant in Old Town Clovis, I called him and said, Justin, I had a wild hair. What do you think we can do for Old Town Clovis? He needs something.

“He’s a foodie. He loves looking at food networks and he loves experimenting with different flavors.

“As for the name, I was Grandma JuJu, that’s what my grandkids call me, and the kids said we should call it something JuJu because it would be memorable. It will make people wonder what it is. We want people to feel like they are coming to Grandma’s house where it is warm and welcoming, where they are loved and served, where everything is taken care of. House of Grandma doesn’t sound great, so it became House of JuJu. It was fun.”

House of JuJu-Orofino has a banquet/conference room with large screen TV and USB connection for equipment. Reservations must be made in advance due to lack of staff.

They want everything to be properly taken care of. The original intention was to open it for meals, but they didn’t want to compromise service to get more tables. They don’t want to sacrifice service for more revenue.

Their first party here, held recently, was well planned and went very well.

The hours are Sunday, Monday and Thursday from 11 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., and they are closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

There are three menus: a special gourmet main menu, Happy Hour specials and a children’s menu. A glance at the main menu finds gourmet burgers, protein options, salads and wraps, choices of flatbreads for your favorite combinations, hot dogs, chili, fish tacos and a special section called “From the bay” – as well as homemade desserts.

House of JuJu is definitely known for its burgers and potatoes. They have oven roasted tricolor fingerling potatoes roasted in olive oil with their special seasoning and served with a choice of their house sauces.

One of the things they also offer for people who are gluten intolerant or really watching their diet is that all of their burger options can be offered as a burger in a bowl. This is a bunless burger that is served on a bed of spring lettuce.

Customers can go to Facebook at houseofjuju-orofino to view all of their photos. They also do takeout orders, customers can call 208-476-0452.

Julie commented, “One thing that’s important for people to know is that we’re a full-service, sit-down restaurant with beer and wine, and it’s not just about the burger, but also the dinner experience. It’s a whole culinary experience from start to finish. This is our goal.