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Using Marketing Tactics to Attract Workers | modern restaurant management

Put your marketing skills to work recruiting new talent and filling vacancies in your quick service restaurant.

The outbreak of the pandemic caused the unemployment rate to skyrocket. While government assistance programs and expanding the talent pool are one way to address the problem, restaurateurs can implement new strategies to help alleviate the labor shortage by using marketing tactics. marketing. Here are some new ideas to improve recruiting.

Make a video

Pull back the curtain and let people take a behind-the-scenes look at your restaurant. At least 86% of businesses use video to market their products to their customers. Take it a step further and shoot videos to attract employees. Film your chefs preparing a meal in the kitchen or your suppliers delivering fresh vegetables. Video is a great way to showcase the skills of your staff and the unique experience your restaurant offers its employees. Attracting potential employees with a video can showcase the culture of your restaurant establishment and get potential talent excited about taking on a new opportunity.

Crunch the numbers

Marketers use analytics to determine the best strategy for the businesses they support. Analyzing the numbers helps a marketer understand a company’s audience and craft a campaign to attract customers. Relying on employee analytics can be helpful when it comes to attracting talent to your restaurant.

Survey your current employees to find out what factors are important to them at work and what benefits make a difference. Ask employees how your restaurant is performing in terms of salary, growth opportunities, and job security. For example, the demand for telemedicine is on the rise, according to the Employee Benefits Resource Institute. At least 17% of adults said telemedicine was essential in 2021, up from just 7% in 2017. Understanding whether telemedicine is useful for your current employees can give you an idea if promoting this benefit will help attract job seekers. ‘use.

Understanding what attracts your current talent can help you narrow down your search to attract the perfect fit. As a bonus, knowing what’s important to your employees will help improve retention rates.

direct mail

Covering a neighborhood with direct mail postcards offering special offers can increase foot traffic to your restaurant. Direct mail is also an affordable method of hiring. It allows you to saturate your entire neighborhood with postcards. Include a QR code on the postcard to direct potential employees to your website for details on available roles, benefits, hours and more.

Easy to navigate website

Sometimes the proven approach is your best bet. Having an easy-to-navigate website can make all the difference. An unwieldy website can deter job seekers. Make it easy for potential employees to see your restaurant’s job postings, learn more about your business, and better understand your culture.

Content marketing

Businesses use content marketing to optimize their website and help people discern their unique selling proposition. Content marketing can also help potential employees understand your mission, values, and people.

Finding valuable talent in a tight job market is a challenge. Putting your marketing skills to good use to find employees can help you get the job done.